We all are broken. Someone or some ones and something or some things hurt you. They hurt me too.


They've also bound us and roadblocked purpose, joy, hope, abundance, and deeper relationships. They've caged our spirits. More importantly, a fuller connection with God.

We can't access Him or gifts like reclaiming our spirits because they are buried under a dense layer of compacted soil: pain.


Pain plants weed seeds. Seeds of fear, doubt, anger, shame, grief, worthlessness. They blot out joyous memories on the measuring scale, by far. 

Pain runs deep. 


It's why more than 300 million suffer from depression and why 1 in 3 people worldwide have an addiction of some kind.


Less conceived addictions like work, technology, social media, gyms, shopping. Yes, and trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.


We're all secretly trying to love ourselves, discover ourselves, and find purpose. 


We're already loved and purpose-driven by God, we just can't fully access him, freedom or our purpose until we uproot the weeds that choke life out of our good seeds.


It's an upheaval to pluck 'em, but we're making room for plants and trees that are deeply rooted and weather every storm.  

The Uproot Challenge

Our challenge in the forum is six-fold:


1. Be open about who we are, where we are in our level of faith, and the struggles we contend with.


What pains you?

What keeps you up at night?

What life experiences have shaped you?

What life expectancies have shaped you? 

What regrets do you still hang on to?

What hinders you from moving forward with God and in life? 


2. Think deeper.

One and two go together. Speak the things in #1 aloud. What you can't muster up to speak, let your heart do the talking.


Speaking is best because you'll hear yourself and come to certain realizations you wouldn't otherwise. In your head, you can rationalize too much.


We want to understand what's at the root of our issues.   


3. Don't forget the blessings

Recount your blessings.

How has God sustained you through it all? What is He doing in your life today that has made that season worth it?


If you're going through something now, what are you still grateful for and what is your expectation of our great Lord?


4. Share those examinations and any other insights.


We'll find that we're not alone. Others are going through it or have gone through it.


And even while we're in a dry season, God can enrich our perceptions beyond what we see in front of us. Share it! 


5. Support one another. 


Absolutely no judgment. We all fall short of His grace. Let's empower one another by telling our testimonies, encouraging a deeper relationship with Him, and by speaking God's Word over each other's lives.

6. Keep logging your progress.  

God tweaks us day by day. It can feel slow and like nothing is happening at all but if we jot our progress down, we'll see over time just how far he's brought us and we'll be privy to His innerworkings of our lives.


I'll be working alongside you in the blog as we all inspire each other with our testimonies in the forum


This is a leap of faith, y’all, perhaps the biggest we'll ever take. Exposing ourselves is scary and exciting at the same time.


I look forward to seeing who we become. 


The Spiritual Garden